Teach me how to do this again? It’s not like I’m asking to be in this kind of state. Its hurt. To get that kind of response after I don’t know,, waiting for you to finally have time for me.

I knew I’m a failure and disappointment in your life. Nothing good came out of me but to heard that wow thank you so much seriously thank youuuu

.birthday month.

Assalamualaikum wbt

Wohooooo I’m back and still alive. Anyway its July 1st. Woohoo finally,, my birthday month. So many things happen in the past few months. Hopefully I can update regularly now because I just got a new phone with better storage and everything lol and I’ll think first lah if I will update about my korea trip last February or not (I dont even write about my first korea trip 😂😂😂)

Ahhh so excited!!! See you guys later. Buhbye

.2 weeks into 2019.

Assalamualaikum wbt

almost 2 weeks into 2019. hows your 2019 everyone? hopefully everyone come into 2019 with good vibes and good vibes only hehehe but its okayyy if you started 2019 with not-so-good vibes because heyy its just getting started and we still have 300+ days to overcome whatever difficulties we had.

anywayy,, i’ve started my 2019 with a new therapy session. not exactly with therapist but with fitness trainer. had few session in 2018 and it was so good like super good and i decided why not continue it in 2019 right? so here i am

the pool is wayyyy bigger than previous pool so i’m totallyyyy okayyy with it. its kinda tiring (as always) but I’m more happy doing this kind of exercise @ therapy session so i dont mind the tiring part lolololol

anyway,, any new year resolution?

well,, first and forever is to be able to walk normally…? or at least without any help. i planned to go so many places this year and hope to achieve it. then to open one-man company huhu i want to do business seriously…?  its not like what i’m doing is not serious but ahhh i need some ‘target’ lololol idk how to say it. i’ve been group order manager for almost 2 years (this feb is 2 year!!!!) and hopefully to branch out as kpop (anything similar) supplier this year hahaha

ahh yeah,, i’m going to LOVE YOURSELF CONCERT in SINGAPORE next week!!!! oh my god so excited and nervous and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa \(^o^)/ finally meeting the boys and few mutuals…. also most of them do like free giveaway so something I wanna do that but idk what i should give aka me #untalentedarmy lol

i think thats all hahaha

will write again later aka pls dont forget to write

.new trainer.

Assalamualaikum wbt

wow hahahaha last post was in July for my birthday and today is 28 November. wow wth.. what have i done for the passed few months? well,, lets begin (BGM : BEGIN – JUNGKOOK OF BTS)

firstly, i just stopped my physical physiotherapy at Permas Jaya and thankfully, my mom found me another trainer (?) well she’s a coach,, she trained people for swimming, exercise etc etc so, yeahh,, this week marks my 4th hydrotherapy session. oh yeahh~~~ which mean i’m back in a pool. well, mom stopped previous therapy because they only massaged me when the first plan is to do hydrotherapy. overall, i’m happy with new session new coach new swimming suit new pool (its humongous guys!!! i will upload photos later)

ahh whats else? i think thats the only major event in my life. hahahhaha what a boring life i have. ohh yeah,, i’m going to LOVE YOURSELF CONCERT in SINGAPORE next year!!!!!! with kak myra, diba, le brat and yusra! okayy, ticketing experience!!! diba came to my house to pick me up because we kinda plan to go to cybercafe (for faster internet blablabla), turned out,, the ticketing system used ip address system which mean, if you log in, they tracked down your ip address and queue you. so, i logged in earlier than the ticketing site opening so i’m in queue like FOREVERRRRR!!!! LITERALLY FOREVER!!!!

thank god i saw Reez helping some of my mutuals getting their tickets so i dm-ed Reez and he helped me T_T thank you so much Reez ❤ also thank god i discussed with kak Myra which section we should buy @ go and ohh at the first diba dont want to go la because the section left was not her option but then when Reez asked again she decided to just go with me and kak myra’s choice. ahh le brat z bought hers from reseller but for affordable price i think (idk how much)

so yeahhh see you soon boys!!!! also that will be first travel i will do next year woot woot 19 january 2019

so many good things in the future!

till then,


.rijal’s wedding.

Assalamualaikum wbt

How are youuuu? Well, lets start August post with something merry? Ahahaha… so based on the title, I will talk / write about my classmate’s wedding lol. Apparently i have a weird number of classmates for my degree life but yeah… mostly with SSCA 2015? So Rijal is kinda my class representative during that time. He’s now pursuing master in engineering if i’m not mistaken and he’s the first male classmate that got married. Here’s some photos 

I came with my mum and met my friends there. (Me,shikin, timah, mekzu, piqa and leya)

We kinda wait for others to come and by the time we finish the meal, other classmates arrived and we went to Pelamin to take photos. Rijal be like, nanti jangan lupa ambil gambar tau. He like remind us more than once. LOL.

Ohh yeah we also witnessed spooning cake? Session? Ahaha.. they’re so cuteeeee! 

So sweeeeeet 😍😍😍
So cute right?
Look at Rijal being shy shy cat
Then we went to pelamin? To take more photossss

Apparently Rijal wanted to hold the present haha

I thinks that all? Haha i wished Rijal a blessing marriage ahead. Be patience. ALWAYS. haha. Its not like he read my blog anyway. I think i look super awkward lol. 

Till then. I might write about our raya trip next. MAYBEEEEE. 

Take care everyone!

.tell me something i dont know.

assalamualaikum wbt

ape2 hal.. layan dulu ni.

so the other day, aku pergi jumpa kaunselor sebab i was so stress with my life XD it was more stressful after the meeting like WTH SERIOUSLYYY???!!!! HAHAHA. aku pergi tu sebab yela. stress sampai tak dapat nak fokus untuk buat kerja pe semua because you know, am in my final year so i need to write up a thesis, still attending class and need to go thru test quizzes and all. kalau aku tak dapat nak study sebab stress i should seek for solution la kan? by that, aku refer la pada orang profesional dalam kes ni kononnya kaunselor.

aku pernahlah write up an email masa cuti sebab stress lepas tu they called me and asked me what should i do like…. seriously lah aku yang kena tahu? i mean, i seek for your help yet you asked me what i should do? blerghhhh… so i was like ignore the phone call sebab sumpah sakit hati wei.

then, aku pergi la kan konon baik ni pergi pusat kaunseling pastu i was crying my heart out and spill. well, aku spill sikit2 jela sebab based on  ‘her’ (the counselor) respond, she didnt actually respond the way she should, in my opinionlah. i mean, i go there spilling my family problems but she wayyyyyyy to concern about my disability? in case you guys miss it, i have been on wheelchair for the past year (since i was caught on fever for a week long). i was like, hello… can you help me about my problem?? not my disability?? because i was way okay about my disability. i have been on wheelchair for 5 years for godsake and i knew what is okay for me or what is not okay and there she goes like, you should go exercise, swimming, go for massage blablabla. WHAT THE HELL MANNNNNNN!!!

i went back to hostel still crying. my face became so bloated and my eyes are so sore because i was crying for 4 hours straight oh god. i looked so ugly on that day i wished i never go to pusat kaunseling. HAHAHA anyway, in conclusion i couldnt find any solution from her? so i told my supervisor everything and she was like okay. but still i need to struggle to finish up my thesis ohhh a week left~~

till then,

be sad for a while and be happy again after.