.messy 2016 끝.

Assalamualaikum wbt

apa kabar semuanya.. harap2 sihat belaka lah nak masuk tahun baru ni. and… pung pang pung esok dah tahun baru, so how’s your azam this year… tercapai ke idok.. hahaha…. rasanya ade je yang tercapai tapi ade jugak yang tak tercapai contohnya macam… ehem.. turunkan berat… ahahaha… meh recap what happened in 2016…

so i have like 7 azam for this year and….. half of it is achieved i guess… lets see what my azam this year

  1. sembuh & sihat
  2. graduate
  3. self improvementt
  4. travel
  5. business
  6. writing
  7. spend less

so… sembuh & sihat is in progress… i now remember that i want to tell you guys that i’m on physiotherapy sessions now… likeee FINALLLYYYYYYYYYYY… so its almost 20 sessions now and… my therapist said by the end of 20th session, hopefully i can try for hydrotherapy. hopefully i will talk about this in the next post (which i dont know when).

for graduation… yeayyyyy… i finally graduated in BSc Pure Chemistry. Am so thankful to everyone who contributed to my graduation process and my studying process to (which kinda full of obstacles. hahaha. dramatic here!)

for self improvement, well… this is kinda ongoing process but i kinda understand now a lil bit of korean even if it doesnt have subtitles and i can read some writing. ahahaha. yeay.

last time i said if am able to achieve my no 1 azam i will travel but guess what… i dont have to.. (okay.. maybe i shouldnt make it sound like this but….) i managed to travel to Ipoh on February… with mum and siblings… and to South Korea, last two weeks (i’ll write a post for this later – which now makes 2 post on demand – HAHAHAHA) with mum and siblings and my aunt.

On business part, i still have my online shop. do visit it guys just search @kedai_faha on instagram and kedai faha on facebook. i sell shoes and bags and books (sometimes) and by 2017 (which is tomorrow) am gonna start another business. wait for it!

for writing, ahaha… i tried okay this one but.. i didnt get inspired so.. its kinda postpone my intentions but i did write a lot on fancafe. to the boys even they kinda didnt read it. but who’s care. at least, i write something. oh yeah, i wrote a fanfiction but it was funny because it was so simple and blerghhh…

on spending less… ahahaha…. this one is kinda hard because for the recent comeback for my fave kpop group, they decided to come out with 4 versions which…. ahahaha… but.. i did some savings okay. hopefully, by 2017 i really choose wisely  on things i wanna spend my money too!

okay, enough for this year azam and i think i kinda did well on it. hehehe.. so… lets talk about events this year.

for this year alone, i lost 3 family members. the first lost is my grandpa. he passed away on 28th september. a week after that, i lost my sister-cousin, she passed away on 7th october. and lastly, i lost my aunt-grandma on 7th December. i cried hard for my sister-cousin but i guess ALLAH SWT loves beautiful people. so, thats kinda okay now.

other than that, i managed to go to my friends weddings this year. the first one is Rijal’s at taman sri pulai, then, Nazeerah’s wedding at the mines. both weddings on August this year and lastly, Sarah’s wedding at Dewan TNB Kempas on October (kot… but its in Dewan TNB). i also witnessed Sarah’s akad nikah which my mum cried. 😦

for my birthday this year, i got to celebrate it twice. one during on the day itself, where we went to KL. and few days later, my high school friends came to celebrate it of course together with hari raya visit. ahaha. its kinda lucky because my birthday falls on Hari Raya.

oh yeah, this year i managed to get few new friends because of kpop and met them in real life too! hehe ;D hi Lois, Reii, KakSeul, Kakyatt, KakShoda, Teha, Dira, Qila, Aina, KakMyra, KakNady, Aida, KakMing, Yulllaaaaaaaaaaaa, Abby, Leah, Yuna, Mimi, Kiera, Amriena, Nurin, zati, Nana, Fie and everyone else that i didnt mentioned here. you guys are like my source of happiness this year and yesterday, i met 3 of them, KakKiera, z and Fina. it was so much fun that we forgot to celebrate Tae’s bday. ahahaha. hopefully i can meet the rest of them later in 2017.

this year is kinda messy because of what happened in the family. ahaha but we moved on la beb tak kan nak messy forever kan. so… for my family members, mum retired last June and adik finally finished her high shool. yeay, she got like 5 secondary shools that surpassed me already and Ojan finally stopped working with dad. yeay!

hopefully, 2017 will treat me, mum and siblings better than this year. till then, see you next year!



.a graduation day story.

Assalamualaikum wbt

ahahaha… almost a month after my graduation day here i am baru nak cerita lol.. bare with me as this post gonna be long ass post with photos and probably some sobbing captions or story ahahaha…

apparently, its a month after my graduation day than only am able to write about my graduation day story. lol. super busy aaahh these days. sorry babe~ anyway, so, my graduation day was on 24th october 2016, its a day after mum’s birthday (HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY MUM~!) so how should i write this… please note that this might be long ass crappy with photos and captions.

those who knew me in real life or internet life [in any life la kannn] mostly knew la my conditions so, because of that, oh my god, am so amazed that i finally able to graduate with degree in chemistry. do you know how tough my life is? ahaha okay maybe not that tough laaaaa. so on that day itself baru i managed to contact with organiser?? to rehearsal how am i gonna take my album. [ now i forgot who that bro name – the one who pushed me that day LOL]. adik skipped school and accompanied me backstage. ahaha. thanks adik~!



and… i planned to stand up when i received my album BUTTTTTTTT things happened. AHAHAHAHAH dramatic kau ni~ Pro Chancellor? tu turun pulak dari tempat dia and i happened to ‘tak sempat’ nak berdiri untuk ambil album. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… and my convo picture kinda crappy too. anyway, i dont really mind that. and guess what, they wrote my story for utm convo bulletin.


pastu ramai la pulak dok share2. omg malu gilaaaaaaaaaaa.. ahahhaa.. but looking at the bright side, FARHAH DAH GRADUATE WEIIIIII. orang lain amik masa 3 ke 4 tahun je nak grad kau amik sampai 5 tahun lol. mujur jugak wei MUET dah expired tu tak jadi hal, kalau tak sangkut lagi. ahahaha padahal dah nak sangkut gak graduation sebab tak amik UTM plus2 tu. hahaha.

lepas majlis, ape lagi~~~ mehla amik gambo~



dengan kak nad and kak ima, best akak ever
dengan ida, geng kpop haha
Dgn cikyam
dengan adik2 junior, chia-fainnas-din
kak et dengan AG, lol -o- sape pernah baca pasal AG, ni aaa AG… ahaha kebetulan plak akk dia grad on the same session maka kita pon paksa ahhh AG jumpa. lol. hi AG, hadiah grad bile nak bagi ;P





dah nak balik tu nampak pulak En Hashim, a gift from GOD sbb En Hashim banyak sangat tolong kitaaaaa 🙂
with MekD ahahaha dengan Diana, my fave girl ever… tapi dia busy aaa sekrang, dah berkerjaya gituuuu
dengan family ida~
the girls




diana and ……. [lupa sapa nama dia tapi dia ni sekelas ko-q kalau tak silap, budak mathematics] agagaga…
without Amil sebab dia ade kelas but later that night we went to studio to take photos

haha tipulah kalau dalam kegembiraan ni tak sedih sebab tak graduate dengan rakan sekelas buttt i dont mind sebab lain orang lain ceritanya and of course, being a kpop girl 😛 i took photos with my bias too, JIMIN


then, on the same week, [since i decided to return the robe on the last day], we went to faculty to meet lecturers. i was hoping to meet my PA, Dr Farediah and gladly met her on that day. and…. since i went there with my mum, we also met Dr Hasnah. LOLOL my mum supervisor, what a small world we live in. and guess what, kecoh kot~ ahahaha..

Dr. Hasnah citer pasal dia tanya aku, on the first day masa aku kat utm, in the first class after taking a break for a year, ‘kenapa awak tak tukar course je…’ upon seeing me in wheelchair during that time. walaupun dah 4 tahun berlalu, wa ingat lagi ayat Dr. Hasnah wei. ahahaha sentap punya pasal. ma kinda make a big deal cakap aku nangis la pe la padahal aku tak nangis pon. like whatever la Dr~pastu psl PSM lagi dengan dia. fuhhhhh… naseb baek ah ade Dr Hasmerya datang membantu. tapi itu hari tak dapat jumpa pon Dr. Hasmerya.

Dengan SV dak Diana, Dr Aziah
me ma and Dr. Hasnah
dgn Dr. Farediah, My PA
Kak Iffah, akak pejabat yg byk tolong kitaaaaa
alahaiiii christine.. my classmate tapi dah grad last year now tgh smbung belajar lagi. cool~
Dr belanja minum… dkt bilik aktiviti… ahahaha…
dgn adik2 manja~







Dr. Rusmidah
aten and nana, my labmates masa dengan Prof Rahim
Encik Daniel

pastuuuuuu petangnya konon nak amik gambo dekat Iskandar sat g hujan selebat lebatnyaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah esok petangnya baru pergi tapi ye ye oooo jela gamba2nya pon hahaha

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

so thats all… hahaha… lastly, nak say THANKS beribu2 TERIMA KASIH SAYANG to everyone yang menjayakan sesi pembelajaran fa di UTM, USM semualaaaaaa especially to my family members – umi, ayah, ojan, amil, syaffaa-, to all my classmates [ssca 2015, ssca 2016, ssca 2018, few sscc2016 and girls in USM – wiena, khalid, ana, kiah, ju, another ana, hanis, anis, mas and ramai lagi], lecturers [yang ajar dan tak ajar tapi still dont give up on me], akak2 pejabat [kak iffah, kak liza, kak zamila and yg lain2 sorry tak sebut nama sbb xtahu heeeeeeeeee 😀 but you know who you are laaaa],  Dr. Hasmerya and akak2 lab – kak ima, kak nad, kak ros, kak syara [ape kabo baby] -, and my girls – adah, izzati, kak ros, cikyam, fyda, nad, kak rai, diana, ida, ily, umi zulaikha – yang tolong2 drive pergi kelas pergi makan pergi meronda lol and to everyone yang doakan2 fa dalam diam sampailah fa habis belajar. jasamu ku kenang, moga tuhan permudahkan urusan hidup kalian. hikhik. terharu takkkk… haha..perasan kau ni~

maka tamatlah cerita degree fa~ ape buat sekarang… ahaha… next post la cerita buat ape sekarang, till then, take care~

ps : maaflerrr banyak gambo~

.someone dear.

Assalamualaikum wbt

hurm… I dont know why but I think my october is so messed up right now. its only a week after my atok passed away, last 2 days (7th october), my dear sister-cousin passed away. 😦 so this post gonna be long and sad and with photos as i will be reminiscing the memories we had together.

exactly a day after my atok passed away (on 29th sept – morning), my aunt, mak chah called mum and said that her eldest daughter, kak ikin is dying. so, we all went back to Kluang (hospital kluang – the new one – actually) and visited kak ikin in ICU. then we met makchah in hospital’s canteen.

Makchah said that kak ikin gave her like ‘amanat’ before she fainted in her house a week before (idk when maybe on 22 or 23rd sept – but on the family group, another aunt asked us to pray for kak ikin on 26th sept). she said something like… ‘jangan bagi anak aku minum air gas tau mak… terima kasih jaga anak aku…’ (dont give my kids any carbonated drinks… thanks for taking care of my kids). she even asked her husband to thank her mum (her husband worked in China for the past year) so she’s been staying with her mum since last year.

on the 29th sept, around 430 pm, i went in ICU to meet her. of course she in comma during that time but i asked the nurse in charge. she said kak ikin was getting better compared to her situation in the morning. she said that they tried to stop the blood pressure medicine (?) to one to keep her blood pressure high. idk man… i hold her hand. it felts warms. as warms as her heart. then we all went back to JB.

on 7th october early morning 5AM, mum woke us up and said that kak ikin passed away. i used to silent my phone so i didnt realised her husband, abg yan texted me around 430AM telling me, kak ikin passed away. i just couldnt believed it yet during that time because a few days before that, abg yan texted me saying that Dr pulled kak ikin out from ICU to normal ward. but the thing is… she still didnt wake up. abg yan said that Dr said that she was getting better even she still didnt wake up so i had my hope high like i did imagine she come to me and say something like… ‘faha kau igt tak kau dtg tgk aku kat icu?’ i even imagine her voice tone saying those words to me ;(

i didnt get to see her for the last time as when we arrived she’s already buried but my mum did took few photos of her after the solat jenazah. i feel so sad on that day that i cried until late night remembering all the good memories with her. (i’m still crying when i write this post). LIKE REALLY REALLY SAD. of course i knew ALLAH love her more but it hits right there in the heart when pak imam said, NORASHIKIN BINTI MD ARIF, SELAMAT TINGGAL SELAMANYA KAMI UCAPKAN. so i was like this is REALLY THE LAST GOODBYE~~~~??? i’m like so confused and sad ;(

one of her lil sister, Ikah, didnt get to see her too because she in Australia (working? idk? there~) that fact also contributed to me being super sad on that day. we have a close relationship as you know… girls.. we talked a lot of things in common too. like boys /boyband / pretty things/ fashions. plus we both are eldest daughter in the family and my lil sister birthday is only a day before her (lil sis , 22nd jan while she, 23rd jan).

one of the good things that i remembered was that she always tried to bring us something if she went back to Kluang (her family used to live in Sg. Buloh before this). like tudung, hairbands, anything. during this year raya, as i said in the previous post, my family didnt go to the family event. so when she came to my house after the event, she said she made cheesekut for me  but since i didnt come, the cheesekut finished and she said she’ll make a new one if i come to her house (her family moved to kluang recently) but sadly i didnt go. (and now am kinda regret it)

i didnt know that she was sick. the first time i heard she was sick was during this year raya when she came. she even laughed when she talked about it. like, ‘kelakarkan aku boleh sakit pulak?’ she told about how the Dr still didnt able to diagnose her sickness. she’s having headache etc etc. mum gave her an alternative medicine i didnt know if she able to use it or not.

she left behind her husband and her 2 kids. Qayyim , 3 years old and Qairina, 2 years old. i still remembered she facebook-ed me asking for a good name for her daughter that starts with Q when she almost gave birth to her daughter. ;(

she always so excited and super supportive when we planned family event like that one time in Seremban and last year raya in msuit hotel. she likes to enter contests and giveaways on facebook/instagram so she always tag me and sometimes teach us how to win those contests.

that one time when she gave me duit raya – 2010
4th from right in blue tudung holding a baby – 2014
her family photo during last year raya celebration – 2015
the girls cousins
this happen to be the last selfie we took together 😦


Ya Allah, kau ampunkanlah dia, selamatkanlah dia, rahmatilah dia. Masukkanlah dia ke dalam syurga Mu. – NORASHIKIN MD ARIF, 1983-2016

and of course, you will be miss akak. i love you and i pray for your best. till we meet again, Insyallah ;( i feel bad for crying so much but…. I’m really really sad with the fact she’s no longer with us. i will cry my eyes out even when a slight memory of her came by once in a while. i will try my best to be strong. for you akak cause i know we both are fighter!!!

.recap raya 2016.

Assalamualaikum wbt

ahahaha. setelah sekian lama raya berlalu, baru nak post pasal raya. raya haji pon dah lepas. hahahaha. tragis betul hidup kau ni fa weh.. anyway, nak cerita, raya tahun ni tak berapa nak merrierrrr sgt lah more to kehambaran. kenapa? hurm… adelerrr sebab2nya… takkan nak cerita kat sini pulak. kita mestilah nak show the good side jekan? hahaha. so, post kali ni nak recap raya 2016.

WARNING!!! this entry will be full with pictures and long ass description (maybe)

adik beradik betul, adik beradik susuan, abg sedara dan anaknya. lokasi ; rumah atok jalan surau.
family portrait raya 2016. without Fauzan because he works on that day. but we met him at rumah atok later on

as usual, we also went to rumah jiran atok. mak yah and cik sayed. wore red and orange on that day. makan2 borak2 as usual.

me with lil sibs
pakbusu, ayah, adik, amil

then, few from dad’s side families came to our house on Raya 5. usually, there’s raya celebration happening on Raya 4 but sadly, this year we decided not to join [my family only – reason ; something big happen in the family – my family – not dad’s side] so they came to us. hehe ;D


with my cousins [below], they moved to Kluang this year!!! yeay!!!

dad’s side families [i look so ugly pardon me]
mum’s side families

i dont remember when but my mum’s side also came to our house for raya.

ibu abah from Mersing
sedara sampai mati(?) hopefully

ibu abah ni family yang jaga kitorang mase kitorang duk mersing. diorang masa tu baru balik dari Melaka? [somewhere north] and came to our house before they went back to Mersing. its my 1st time seeing Kak AIN after such a long time? maybe more than 10 years. hahaha. i didnt go to her wedding ;( oh yeah, i also met FAZLI, my buddy during my school period in Mersing. reminiscing memories with Fazli. hahahaha. bodoh2 je teringat berebut nak naik motor lepas sekolah. mujur jugak tak berapa rapat dulu so takdelah merepek2 sangat memory nye. hahaha. because i have like quiet adventurous memories there.

FAZLI with ABAH at the back

this year, we went to BATU PAHAT. saje2 so ive decided to raya rumah HAZY, my girl i knew from REPUBLIC OF 1991. the other time, [before this] i came to her house without her being around [she’s in aussie and we only talked thru webcall? /iphone messager?/ whatever its called]. so this time, she’s arounddd. hehe ;D her mum also bekalkan kuih bakar so yummyyyyy.

pergi raya rumah HAZY

on the 14th july, we went to KL for my birthday trip. i wrote about it in previous post.


then on 17th july, my high school  buddies came for raya and my birthday celebration. so sweet of you guysssss.  yuppp i wrote about it in previous post. if i rajin then i’ll link it ;P

birthday celebration by high school buddies
rumah jiran singapore

this is the first time we went raya [without marhaban like before] to our Singaporean neighbour’s house and the foods were really good. 5 stars. uncle tu masak sedap gilaaaaaaaaaa. like you really can go crazy la when you eat. isterinya, makcik Seni [yupp such unique name there] pon mesra2 je. like you know, some singaporean [EMPHASIZING THE ‘SOME’ HERE!!! which mean not everyone from Singapore] agak kerek when they come to malaysia but this family not like that [okay maybe not because their children tak mesra sangat?] hahaha but i dont mind la. like… biasalah tu. hopefully, we can be a good friend when they fully moved here in the next few years. [which i dont know when laaaaah]

dad dgn uncle …………. [i forgot him name -,-]
lastly for raya, we went to SHAH ALAM to meet tok busu at seksyen 2? so we stayed at LAWANG SEKSYEN 14? its FAIZ’s place by the way (known as F in republic1991). for the 1st i met with eju, pene, peyi, f [even we both are admins of the forum before hahahaha] and LJ with his wife. [ i was texting LJ saying that am in SHAH ALAM and staying at lawang homestay and he said that he’s on the way to shah alam to cari makan so i pon invite la dia sekali pegi makan kat lawang]. dalam whatsapp/forum berborak macam2. dah jumpa awkward pulokkk. mujorlahhhh ade hazy. hahaha. takde ahh segan sangat.

girls @ lawang
boys @ lawang
raya at lawang with republican1991

the next day tu, kitorg pergi rumah tokbusu then wedding dekat muzium shah alam tu [belakang masjid] and went all the way to sungai buloh [mum’s friend open house] then stayed at Ampang [went to mum’s friend house, cik dang] and went to IKEA CHERAS. then only the next day, we went back to JB. [i forgot to download the pictures from tokbusu house from the group chat – its actually her son-in-law’s house- and i cleared all the photos already – what a life~!]

this raya also ade buat open house [but not really open la sb simple2 je]. masak nasi lemak, beli nasi arab, roti jala. i invited akak2 lab [kak ima, kak syarah, kak nad, kak ros – i forgot to take a picture with them. duhhhh – and congratulations to kak syarah for having a baby boyyyyyy] and mum invited her school friends.

walaupun cam hambar jeeee tapi takdelah hambar sangat, maybe hambar sebab tak banyak duit raya like before? hahahaha. like everyone duit raya collection tak begitu memberangsangkan?

raya haji pulak duk rumah je. we did qorban but oversea punya under EZQURBAN. i think thats all?

i was supposed to write more since i have finish my study but…. i dont know man.. i really wanna spill what happen to me in these few years back? not really few years la… like what happen since last year but… it might be a disgrace? haha i dont know anymore. oh ya.. i might write a review? [of what it is all about] for a recent book that i read [like finally i read something physically instead of reading an e-book/website/fanfictions lol]. so stay tuneeeeeeeeeee~

till then, take care.


.Nazeerah’s wedding.

Assalamualaikum wbt

How are youuu? Lol. Like people read it anywayyyy last 20th August, my dear friend, from SSCA 2015 got married. Basically she is someone who kinda play important role in my life? Aaaaaiihhh what am i saying? During my degree life, she is one of those helpful and kind soul who helps me. So she is important. Haha? Okay2. So she get married on the 20th at The Mines 2, Seri Kembangan. We went there (without dad of course since he is so busy with qurban things). 

We started our journey around 9Am and arrived there around 1pm? And I’m glad that i went there because i met most of my classmates there. Here some picturesss (from class whatsapp group and my brother’s gopro).

Pengantin cantik

Tengok pengantinnnnn
Free styleeeee

Everyone looks so beautiful especially the bride & groom. Heheeeeee. Too bad I can’t stay too long during that time because mum wants to go to her friend’s son/daughter wedding at The Duchess Place, Ampang which turned out bad. The place got small parking. We had to walk far and almost all the food, when we arrived around 3pm something finished already. So sad ;( plus it was freaking hot that day. We didn’t even get doorgift ;(

We decided to stay in IOI RESORT, Putrajaya that night after looking for hotel around KLCC which kinda full that day. Had dinner in Dubuyo, Ioi Mall and sleep. Super tireddddd. But yeahhh, Dubuyo kinda eatable? I can eat the kimchi there compared when i had it at Ampang Mall? (I cant even remember the place) long time ago. 

Then the next day, at 1st mum wants to go to Janda Baik but siblings dont really want so we decided to lepak2 at ioi mall,had our lunch and went to Seremban to pick up adik’s things (yes, adik dropped out of SBP and mum register her to SIGS. From SGS to SIGS.LOL) and went back to JB.

To Nazeerah (in case she read this which i highly doubt), SELAMAT PENGANTIN BARUUUUUU ❤❤❤❤ semoga kekal hingga ke Jannah gituuu. Thanks for helping me during my time in UTM. 사랑해. 

Till then,

Take care everyone!

.pre grad dinner.


Wewewe…lama btul tak update annn..lgi 2 minggu dah nak naik sem….kali ni akan sensorang sebab yang lain dah habis blaja….T,T

Btw, pos kali nk nak belanja gambo pre grad dinner dekat Pulai Spring.






































Mak jemah, myra. King dgn late comer, Apiz. Zzzzz….memang patut apiz pon. Kikikiki. Pastu pika pon ade dapat gak. Tapi dah tak ingat. mwahahahaha… bulan berapa punya event ni.

Anyway, tahniah korang!!! Jangan lupa aku ye. Kikikiki. Ade setahun lagi sebelum habis belajar macam korang. Tazzabarrrr. Awal tak awal lah aku pergi pre grad dinner an…

Till then, buh-bye


Assalamualaikum wbt

hurm..taktahu nak update pasal apa sebenarnya.haha.sebelum nak type tu rasa cam idea mencurah2 tapi..skrang dah blurr.ngee 😀 ohh ya..cakap pasal rindu, saya rindu mak saya ;( ummi pergi kursus kt IAB Genting selama 3 minggu.ade rezeki, hujung minggu balik tapi taktahulahkan macam mana sebab Genting – JB bukan macam JB – pontian.

ahad lepas kitorang (aku, adik, amil dengan ayah) hantar ummi pegi pontian sebab ummi nak bersaing dengan kawan dia pegi kursus tu. malam sebelum, kitorang pegi surau taman sebab ade ceramah sempena isra’ mikraj. tahukah kalian no 786 yang ade kat kedai mamak tu sebenarnya bermaksud, ade orang bace ‘BISMILLAH’ sebanyak 786 kali kat kedai tu setiap hari. bismillah tu klau kire dlm huruf arab ade 19 huruf so ade 19 kebaikan.19 kali 786 dah berapa an? banyak gila kot ;D

hurm..apa lagi ekh pasal ceramah tu? oh..pasal kebaikan istigfar.istigfar mampu menghilangkan stress, kegusaran, kesedihan dan macam macam lagi.so, bile rase cam down pe smua tu, istigfar lah kite banyak banyak ya~

so, sambung pasal hari ahad tu, lepas hantar ummi, kitorang pergi makan durian.ngee 😀 sepanjang jalan ke Pontian – JB tu ramai je orang jual2 durian tepi jalan.tapi tula.kena bernasib baik dapat durian murah2 sedap2.haha.sebelum berenti makan tu, ayah berenti beli sebakul durian -,- banyak kot.dah jalan sikit lagi baru berenti makan pastu sebelum betul2 lepas daerah Pontian tu, ayah beli lagi -,- sebabnya ayah nak bagi durian tu kat orang2 surau taman yang telah betungkus lumus menjayakan ceramah isra’ mikraj tu.ngee 😀 siap bagi jiran sebla sebab anak jiran tegur ummi ckp ade bau durian the day before.haha.

lepas tu kitorang pon…hurm..lupalah pegi mana yang pentingnya bila sampai JB tu adik cakap nak pegi tengok cat show kat Perling Mall.the last time i went to Perling Mall was like last year? haha.aku pon dah tak ingat bhai bile last pegi yang pentingnya memang dah lama gila tak jejak kaki ke perling mall weh.so, adik2 tahu pasal Cat Show tu pon sebab mase hari sabtu petang tu diorang (ummi, adik dan amil) kuar beli2 barang untuk umi bawa pegi kursus sekali dengan beli makanan kucing tengah promosi sebab ade cat show tu.mse diorng pegi tu kucing tinggal 2 ekor sbb dh petang.then, mase kitorang pegi hari ahad tu, banyak la kucing comel2.nak snap gambar pon tak sempat sebab asyik sangat tengok ciptaan tuhan bernama kucing.

macam macam jenis ade tapi klau nak suruh aku classify jenis memang aku failed la beb.tapi suka gila tengok tuan kucing yang slalu main2 dengan kucing beliau.kebanyakkan kucing yang aktif mesti muka kecik.hahaha.bestla.ade kucing tu besar gila pastu garang.haha.kesian judge nak kuarkan kena panggil tuannya.tuannya dah datang pon garang2 lagi.last2 tak kuarkan cage pon, pemalas pon ye jugak.tidur je kucing2 tu.

oh dah ingat, sebelum pergi tengok kucing, kitorang pegi kuarkan duit pastu pegi beli katil kt Perling.kt area kedai pak long.pastu baru tengok kucing2 tu.pastu dalam pukul 2 kitorang pegi rumah baru tunggu orang kedai siapkan pasang katil baru ^^, ayah cakap nak pindah rumah this weekend ;( kalau pindah camne nak online? kena pegi pejabat ayah ke? haih -,-

conclusion, aku rindu ummi ;( haha.so, tu jela untuk update kali ni.oh ya, aku suka tengok tasha buat 30 days kpop challenge, aku dah copy paste dah benda tu tapi tak start2 lagi.esok la ye 😀 nk kena pk nk type ape.haha.

sekian.salam 😉