.#WIR ; Demian.

Assalamualaikum wbt…

hi hello there…

on the previous post, I’ve been talking /writing about how i want to write more after I’ve finished my studies. so hereeeeeee I am. hehe ;D [awkward…..]. anyway, i came out with a hashtag for this kind of post. #WIR which mean, What I Read. basically, i will post a book/novel/magazine [? as if i read one] review? i dont know.. maybe a review but am not that qualified [am no body just a man who loves to read] or maybe what i thought after reading book/novel and what the book/novel is all about so when you read my post you might gain interest to read it? haha.

recently, BTS [my ultimate kpop group – for now – hopefully for forever] release 7 short films entitled WINGS [do check them out at youtube/ vapp. being an avid fangirl of BTS,  I’m interested to read the english literature novel [?] that they used to inspire their short films. so, I’ve been searching for the book online and came to this link.  want to know how we [armys – fans of bts] knew about the book? well, on the 1st few seconds of the short films, namjoon will recite few sentences from the book so, thats how we know. simple! hahaha.

i dont know how people gain deep understanding about the book [maybe because i wasnt not a psychology student? ] so i will explain what i understand only. hahaha. because if you scroll down on comment section for the short films you will see why i write that. hehehe.


here’s one of the book cover [there’s so many book cover for this book as it was published in year 1919.] it was a seriously long time ago. this book gained a lot of interest as at first it was being published under the name of Sinclair as the author but later on change to Hesse. Hesse is the real writer while Sinclair is the name of the main character in the book [so.. it caused such a chaos during that time – from what i read]. for me, the book is a simple english literature book because the words are straightforward. like you know how certain english literature books have a high metaphor and all? this book is easy to understand, simply said. hehe ;D

so Demian is about a boy, named Emil Sinclair. at first, he talked about how the world is separated to two different world. the good and the bad and he stated what kind of good and bad world in his life. conflict [?] started when he lied to his friends because he wants to be acknowledge [everyone does this when you’re kid – dont lie to me ;P]. then, from that accident,  he kinda being haunted by his inner self about being a bad guy [ like you knowww, we shouldnt lie and all that kind of stuff because its bad and all that…] because for him, his family [the one close to him represent a good world]. he then been chased [?] by a friend because he lied [kira macam kantoilaaaaa] and he met someone [in this case, another boy named Demian] who save  him from being bullied. when he reach teenager, he went to a boarding school and being separated from Demian, he developed a feeling of longing of Demian. so he started painting and sent it to Demian. he also met with Jacob and Pistorius. after a few years, they met again and he went to Demian house and fall in love with Damien’s mum [Eva]???. this story ends when Sinclair had to go for services during World War I.

okay, i knew some might be confused with this but i think what the writer wants to tell us, the reader, is how someone can greatly influence our self? so we must make a right choice in life? like in this book, how Demian being able to be great influence in Sinclair’s life. they talked to each other about Abel and Cain [ if you’re a muslim, you will feel familiar about this story – Habil & Qabil – Anak2 Nabi Adam AS] where Cain is shown as someone who is strong because he’s able to kill his brother, Abel as a weak person and about the God of Abraxas [ a god who mixed between good and bad]. Sinclair found similarities between Demian and Pistorious in talking about their believes [ abel & cain, god of Abraxas]. basically, this book is about Sinclair and his inner self conflicts of wanting to be a good person but then being influenced that being a bad person is okay and so.

overall, this book is great [for me], easy to understand the word [except the inner thought of the event of talking about our beliefs] and good. if you wants to read it, go ahead and share with me what you thought about it. if you read from the link i’ve given you on the early passage, you will realized that it only contains 8 chapters and at that link, you can actually listen to the book? woot woot ;O

i like how it makes me feel like am doing KUMON all over again. [i’ve been doing kumon for 2 years before i stopped because i want to focus on SPM] the reading, listening and understanding the context. huhuhu. so i guess thats all? [ i feel like this is a bad review/thoughts. hahaha. never mind. i can always improve it!] and great thanks to BTS for making me read again after like few years. LOL [ i still contemplating whether i should get a physical book of Demian or not because the price is RM60]. anyway, i will be back with more interesting [hopefully] book/novel/anything in the future.

till then, take care!


ps : i’ve been thinking to share my kpop collections later on but we will seeeeee~~~


.recap raya 2016.

Assalamualaikum wbt

ahahaha. setelah sekian lama raya berlalu, baru nak post pasal raya. raya haji pon dah lepas. hahahaha. tragis betul hidup kau ni fa weh.. anyway, nak cerita, raya tahun ni tak berapa nak merrierrrr sgt lah more to kehambaran. kenapa? hurm… adelerrr sebab2nya… takkan nak cerita kat sini pulak. kita mestilah nak show the good side jekan? hahaha. so, post kali ni nak recap raya 2016.

WARNING!!! this entry will be full with pictures and long ass description (maybe)


adik beradik betul, adik beradik susuan, abg sedara dan anaknya. lokasi ; rumah atok jalan surau.


family portrait raya 2016. without Fauzan because he works on that day. but we met him at rumah atok later on

as usual, we also went to rumah jiran atok. mak yah and cik sayed. wore red and orange on that day. makan2 borak2 as usual.


me with lil sibs


pakbusu, ayah, adik, amil

then, few from dad’s side families came to our house on Raya 5. usually, there’s raya celebration happening on Raya 4 but sadly, this year we decided not to join [my family only – reason ; something big happen in the family – my family – not dad’s side] so they came to us. hehe ;D



with my cousins [below], they moved to Kluang this year!!! yeay!!!


dad’s side families [i look so ugly pardon me]


mum’s side families

i dont remember when but my mum’s side also came to our house for raya.


ibu abah from Mersing


sedara sampai mati(?) hopefully

ibu abah ni family yang jaga kitorang mase kitorang duk mersing. diorang masa tu baru balik dari Melaka? [somewhere north] and came to our house before they went back to Mersing. its my 1st time seeing Kak AIN after such a long time? maybe more than 10 years. hahaha. i didnt go to her wedding ;( oh yeah, i also met FAZLI, my buddy during my school period in Mersing. reminiscing memories with Fazli. hahahaha. bodoh2 je teringat berebut nak naik motor lepas sekolah. mujur jugak tak berapa rapat dulu so takdelah merepek2 sangat memory nye. hahaha. because i have like quiet adventurous memories there.


FAZLI with ABAH at the back

this year, we went to BATU PAHAT. saje2 so ive decided to raya rumah HAZY, my girl i knew from REPUBLIC OF 1991. the other time, [before this] i came to her house without her being around [she’s in aussie and we only talked thru webcall? /iphone messager?/ whatever its called]. so this time, she’s arounddd. hehe ;D her mum also bekalkan kuih bakar so yummyyyyy.


pergi raya rumah HAZY



on the 14th july, we went to KL for my birthday trip. i wrote about it in previous post.



then on 17th july, my high school  buddies came for raya and my birthday celebration. so sweet of you guysssss.  yuppp i wrote about it in previous post. if i rajin then i’ll link it ;P


birthday celebration by high school buddies


rumah jiran singapore

this is the first time we went raya [without marhaban like before] to our Singaporean neighbour’s house and the foods were really good. 5 stars. uncle tu masak sedap gilaaaaaaaaaa. like you really can go crazy la when you eat. isterinya, makcik Seni [yupp such unique name there] pon mesra2 je. like you know, some singaporean [EMPHASIZING THE ‘SOME’ HERE!!! which mean not everyone from Singapore] agak kerek when they come to malaysia but this family not like that [okay maybe not because their children tak mesra sangat?] hahaha but i dont mind la. like… biasalah tu. hopefully, we can be a good friend when they fully moved here in the next few years. [which i dont know when laaaaah]


dad dgn uncle …………. [i forgot him name -,-]

lastly for raya, we went to SHAH ALAM to meet tok busu at seksyen 2? so we stayed at LAWANG SEKSYEN 14? its FAIZ’s place by the way (known as F in republic1991). for the 1st i met with eju, pene, peyi, f [even we both are admins of the forum before hahahaha] and LJ with his wife. [ i was texting LJ saying that am in SHAH ALAM and staying at lawang homestay and he said that he’s on the way to shah alam to cari makan so i pon invite la dia sekali pegi makan kat lawang]. dalam whatsapp/forum berborak macam2. dah jumpa awkward pulokkk. mujorlahhhh ade hazy. hahaha. takde ahh segan sangat.


girls @ lawang


boys @ lawang


raya at lawang with republican1991

the next day tu, kitorg pergi rumah tokbusu then wedding dekat muzium shah alam tu [belakang masjid] and went all the way to sungai buloh [mum’s friend open house] then stayed at Ampang [went to mum’s friend house, cik dang] and went to IKEA CHERAS. then only the next day, we went back to JB. [i forgot to download the pictures from tokbusu house from the group chat – its actually her son-in-law’s house- and i cleared all the photos already – what a life~!]

this raya also ade buat open house [but not really open la sb simple2 je]. masak nasi lemak, beli nasi arab, roti jala. i invited akak2 lab [kak ima, kak syarah, kak nad, kak ros – i forgot to take a picture with them. duhhhh – and congratulations to kak syarah for having a baby boyyyyyy] and mum invited her school friends.

walaupun cam hambar jeeee tapi takdelah hambar sangat, maybe hambar sebab tak banyak duit raya like before? hahahaha. like everyone duit raya collection tak begitu memberangsangkan?

raya haji pulak duk rumah je. we did qorban but oversea punya under EZQURBAN. i think thats all?

i was supposed to write more since i have finish my study but…. i dont know man.. i really wanna spill what happen to me in these few years back? not really few years la… like what happen since last year but… it might be a disgrace? haha i dont know anymore. oh ya.. i might write a review? [of what it is all about] for a recent book that i read [like finally i read something physically instead of reading an e-book/website/fanfictions lol]. so stay tuneeeeeeeeeee~

till then, take care.



Assalamualaikum wbt

apa kabar semuaaaaaaaaaa… harapnya semua baik2 sahaja. well hari  ni merupakan………



can you believe it we already reach 59th year of independence day… its so precious and i love our country so much. i hope all of us, feels it too!

so today we went to eat at SEOUL GARDEN @ Angsana for lunch. so fuulllllllllLLLLLL. and for dinner we went to SEVENTEEN CAFE @ Bukit Indah. so full also. and am so tired today because i eat too much. nothing much things i did for today except for eating and eating. haha.

till then,

take care everyone~!

.Nazeerah’s wedding.

Assalamualaikum wbt

How are youuu? Lol. Like people read it anywayyyy last 20th August, my dear friend, from SSCA 2015 got married. Basically she is someone who kinda play important role in my life? Aaaaaiihhh what am i saying? During my degree life, she is one of those helpful and kind soul who helps me. So she is important. Haha? Okay2. So she get married on the 20th at The Mines 2, Seri Kembangan. We went there (without dad of course since he is so busy with qurban things). 

We started our journey around 9Am and arrived there around 1pm? And I’m glad that i went there because i met most of my classmates there. Here some picturesss (from class whatsapp group and my brother’s gopro).

Pengantin cantik


Tengok pengantinnnnn

Free styleeeee

Everyone looks so beautiful especially the bride & groom. Heheeeeee. Too bad I can’t stay too long during that time because mum wants to go to her friend’s son/daughter wedding at The Duchess Place, Ampang which turned out bad. The place got small parking. We had to walk far and almost all the food, when we arrived around 3pm something finished already. So sad ;( plus it was freaking hot that day. We didn’t even get doorgift ;(

We decided to stay in IOI RESORT, Putrajaya that night after looking for hotel around KLCC which kinda full that day. Had dinner in Dubuyo, Ioi Mall and sleep. Super tireddddd. But yeahhh, Dubuyo kinda eatable? I can eat the kimchi there compared when i had it at Ampang Mall? (I cant even remember the place) long time ago. 

Then the next day, at 1st mum wants to go to Janda Baik but siblings dont really want so we decided to lepak2 at ioi mall,had our lunch and went to Seremban to pick up adik’s things (yes, adik dropped out of SBP and mum register her to SIGS. From SGS to SIGS.LOL) and went back to JB.

To Nazeerah (in case she read this which i highly doubt), SELAMAT PENGANTIN BARUUUUUU ❤❤❤❤ semoga kekal hingga ke Jannah gituuu. Thanks for helping me during my time in UTM. 사랑해. 

Till then,

Take care everyone!

.rijal’s wedding.

Assalamualaikum wbt

How are youuuu? Well, lets start August post with something merry? Ahahaha… so based on the title, I will talk / write about my classmate’s wedding lol. Apparently i have a weird number of classmates for my degree life but yeah… mostly with SSCA 2015? So Rijal is kinda my class representative during that time. He’s now pursuing master in engineering if i’m not mistaken and he’s the first male classmate that got married. Here’s some photos 

I came with my mum and met my friends there. (Me,shikin, timah, mekzu, piqa and leya)

We kinda wait for others to come and by the time we finish the meal, other classmates arrived and we went to Pelamin to take photos. Rijal be like, nanti jangan lupa ambil gambar tau. He like remind us more than once. LOL.

Ohh yeah we also witnessed spooning cake? Session? Ahaha.. they’re so cuteeeee! 

So sweeeeeet 😍😍😍

So cute right?

Look at Rijal being shy shy cat

Then we went to pelamin? To take more photossss

Apparently Rijal wanted to hold the present haha


I thinks that all? Haha i wished Rijal a blessing marriage ahead. Be patience. ALWAYS. haha. Its not like he read my blog anyway. I think i look super awkward lol. 

Till then. I might write about our raya trip next. MAYBEEEEE. 

Take care everyone!

.birthday trip.

Assalamualaikum wbt

Well well. Last 14th july, my dad decided to bring me to Kuala Lumpur for a birthday trip. Well not exactly lah because we went to OUM KL first to settle my dad’s work. After that, we went to IKEA CHERAS. Since IKEA JB is still otw. Hahaha. 

Me as lil bro’s photographer

Birthday lunch

Check out

Dont really buy a thing because we only like look around. Its our 1st time to IKEA. hahahaha super jakun pon ade. Wow at every rooms. Hahaha. We ate our lunch there because we’re like super hungry. Plus, my dad brought a small car so we decided to come back later (which is this weekend) to buy another thing. After we went to IKEA, we went to IOI MALL PUTRAJAYA. 

Strolling around the mall and end up buying a perfume, a pair of shoes and sunglasses. For my birthdayyyyy. Yeayyyy. The perfume smells so flowers? It smells good. This thing with buying perfume reminds me of coming-of-age day lol am not even korean plus its my 25th. I just feels like i need a new perfume but am thinking that way? (The perks of watching to much korean dramas)

The perfume 

The shoes 👟👟

Me with the new sunglasses 😎😎😎

I dont know why but am in the mood for blue? Because my raya shoes/sandal is in dark blue. And i bought a dark blue shoes too. Hahaha. My dad used my shoes to kill cockroaches this morning 😂😂😂Then we went to eat ice cream? Milk cow. The taste is sooooo goood like veryyyyy pureee. Its my 1st time eating it. lol 🍦🍦🍦

Both bro & dad tried to feed me at once


After that, lil bro decide to buy a watch. A sport watch. So we end up leaving the mall exactly before magrib. Reached home around 11PM. So tired but then its quite satisfying. Hahaha. Idk man.
Anyway, am 25 now. Feels so old already. Hopefully i gain my strength to walk soon. I wanna walk around the world. 

Till then,


.by friends.

Assalamualaikum wbt

Ape kabar semuaaaaaa? Lamanya tak update. Mwahahaha. Patut2 dah habis belajar ni banyaklah update kan? Lalalala. Anywayyy,,,,



Jemput datang rumah. Hehehehe… raya kan sebulaaaaaan. Hari ni baru 13 syawal. Ade lagi setengah bulan nak beraya. Haha

Anywayyyyyy, semalam (17.7.2016).. hikhik… segan pulak nak cerita… malam sebelum tu sarah mesej cakap nak datang raya. Well… biasa memang sarah & the geng akan datang raya umah. Cuma tahun lepas sarah dengan shepa je yang datang. Ok2.. sarah mesej then dalam group adalah update berapa orang nak datang. Waktunya bilaaaaa..

Semalam pagi umi ada event kat sekolah, balik tengahari tu baru umi masak. Dalam 1 lebih diorang sampai tapi dah siap masaklah. Aku pulak TER tido so kelam kabut solat and tukar baju pastu duk depan borak2 sementara tunggu budak2 laki pulak sampai.

Pastu bila dah sampai semua, umi ajak makan pastuuuu pastuuuu ternampak sarah bawak kotak kek. Aku dah……………… terharuuuuuu iols tauuuu.

Diorang nyanyi HAPPY BIRTHDAY hahhahaa siap pakai topeng mataaaa. Ahahhaa comelllll…. memang cam tak sangkalah sebab well… birthday aku dah lepas dah sebenarnya… comel betul diorang ni. 

Comel kaannnnn? Ahahaha… lepas tu makan2 and biasalah gambo2 bila raya ni.

Terharu sangat hahaha dah tuaaaa pon sambut birthday hahaha 

Ahaha banyak pulak gambooo. Mujor tukar baju. Selalunya kalau diorang datang, aku pakai baju tidur je. Hahaha. Terima kasih sarah, wani, ecah, shepaaaaa, zizan, ejan and epul. Tak ku sangkaaaaa. Hehe ;D lenkali boleh celebrate lagi. Hikhik. (Am so positive my birthday falls on raya AGAIN next year)

Till then,