.42 years.

Assalamualaikum wbt

Happy belated birthday!!!

13 Mei 1978
Lahirnya Forever Living..

1978 – 2020
42 tahun sudah..
Sudah berada di 168 buah negara..
Top No. 1 sale Forever adalah negara Jepun..
Jepun negara paling strict kemasukan apa apa produk kesihatan..
Selama 42 tahun sudah ramai Jutawan lahir di dunia..

Bangga menjadi salah seorang dalam family Forever Living 😍


I AM Farhah

.set ramadan.

Assalamualaikum wbt

Alhamdulillah almost the end of ramadan already. Hows your Ramadan so far? Hopefully so far so good. Today i want to share Set Ramadan from FOREVER LIVING.

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May we all able to achieve lailatulqadr this year!!! Stay safe everyone!!!

.hadiah hari ibu.

Assalamualaikum wbt

Ibu ibu engkaulah ratu hatiku 🎼🎵🎶

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Setiap pembelian melebihi RM500, akan dapat penghantaran percuma!!!

.new year well spent.

Assalamualaikum wbt

Hellloooo everyone. How are you? Can you believe that today is the 1st day of 2020?? Amazingggg right? So what’s your new year resolutions? New year new me bs or exact new resolutions? Hahahaha anyway,, for me,, I haven’t decide yet what I want this year lmao but I do want to at least get a new pc for myself and/or a recording camera is good too.

Anyway moving on, today me and adibah went to watch The cave at paradigm mall.

The movie is so good. First time I watched a docu-film (I dont know if it’s the right term). The movie is about the 12 soccer club boys that were stuck inside the cave for more than a week. It’s amazing on how everyone around the world want to help them to get out of the cave. All the divers are seriously hero. This movie I rate 5/5. If it’s still available nearby your place, go and watch it. Ahh I cried few times during the movie (weak but strong heart 😝)

We had lunch at Myeongdong Topokki. The food was a-okay 😂😂😂 solat then to watch the movie

that’s how I spent my new year. Hahaha boring right? How about you? What you did on the first day of 2020? It’s not too late to plan for flying car you know because we still have 365 days in 2020. Who knows by the end of 2020, we will get to see flying car 🤣🤭

Oh yeahh,, my boys were celebrating new year in Time square, New York. I watched the videos only lah. They looked like they had lots of fun and gaining more fans too (ah I hope I still can get chances to meet them this year). When they’re happy, I’m happy too. It’s amazing right??? How some people who dont even know your existence make you happy?

Ending the 1st post of 2020 with my boys picture at Time Square. Be happy with whatever you’re doing okay?? Take care everyone.

Love, Fa

.2019 recap.

Assalamualaikum wbt

UwU Long time no see again. today i feel like writing briefly (will it be brief) things that happened in my life in 2019. ahahaha all the goods and bads.. ah i really should write more as my memories failed me these days. i cant even remember things from few days ago -_- yeah its that bad. anyway,, lets go~!

so 2019 starts on a good thing!!! I finally got to meet my boys!!! bangtan! BTS! IN SINGAPORE! Its on 19 January 2019. its also a day of my best friend wedding ceremony. ahaha sorry babe. ohhh i went to her solemnization so dont worry!!!

i went to the concert with adiba, kak myra, yus and z. used my mom’s car. bought nasi ayam for lunch. arrived home around 1 AM or what it 12+ AM. hahaha it was fun and full of adrenaline i cant even sleep that morning.

on February I went to SOUTH KOREA. with kakmyra, mum and adik. supposedly it was a trip for byun2 girls (me, kakmyra, fina and z) but the 95z cancelled their trips due to some reasons. but still, we had fun. the 4 of us. we went to gwangmyeong cave, wore hanbok!!! ah we also tried halal kitchen korea around Gyeongbokgung Palace in hanbok! hahaha too bad we didnt get into the castle because they closed it earlier due to event in the square nearby (its independent day – something similar to our Hari Malaysia)

nothing interesting happened in between March to October except July (because its my birthday. eventho we dont celebrate it) and August (mom finally got divorced!!! yeay!!!)

ah talking about the div thing,, its hurt. like seriously but yeah we’re healing!!! things are getting better in my family. i really hope things get better for mom. she scarified so much for this family yet… that person.. hm… but yeah whatever. let just talk about good things.

ah we visited kluang families during Raya too~ after few years not visiting them due to some conflict.

in October, I went to SOUTH KOREA again. this time its for a concert. ahh can you believe at this age, I managed to meet my boys TWICE~~~!!!! in A YEAR!!! ahh I went with kak myra (again), aina (first time meeting in airport KLIA) and z. ahh there’s another person, Nabilah (first time meeting in INCHEON airport) all because of BTS hahahaha. my ticket was on 2nd day. kakmyra on 3rd. nabilah on 2nd day with me, z and aina on the 1st day.

ahh i’m also starting small in promoting FOREVER LIVING PRODUCTS these days. i went to classes, followed my mom around when she need to deliver products and such. it was fun and i wasnt planning to stop and let just get bigger in 2020~

ohh i went to visit my best friend’s baby!!! she’s so smol and cute. baby kalsom! hope to meet you again and yeah let me be your aunty too okay walaupun you dah banyak aunty sebab adik beradik mak you sorang je lelaki ;P

And for DECEMBER, we go local place~ MELAKA. ahaha totally for vacation. got to eat nan roti yang sedap, kuih keria melaka yang viral2 tuuuu ^^, also got to eat asam pedas by cik zah and udang masak lemak cili padi yang sedap by cik yati. swimming in the pool after so long (i stopped my hydrotherapy before my February trip lol) ahh we also went to Menara Taming Sari and River Cruise Melaka. totally like tourist.

tomorrow is the last day of 2019. there’s so many things I’m grateful for and hurt for in 2019 but still 2019 is a great year to remember.  hope to get more great year ahead in 2020. things may not goes my way but its always goes god’s way~ so be grateful and yeahh find a reason live even if its a superrr tiny little reason.

see you in 2020~

love, FA

Set flawless budget

Assalamualaikum. Sahabat positif.

Set ni khas untuk kawan yang nak cantik jelita tapi tak cukup duit.. Atau ada duit cukup2 je..
Boleh baca ni ya. Ramai dah try. Wow katanya

Set bajet yg ohsem ni. Sentiasa jadi pilihan. Luaran dalaman semua nak kena jaga tau .

Nak kulit cantik dari dalam. Amalkan vit c, 4 jam sekali. Jerawat kecik2 tu, semua kecut la.

Sabun avocado pulak. Bukan boleh pakai kat muka aje. Kat badan pun boleh. Baunya. Jangan cakap lah. Sampai bilik mandi pun wangi. Bau2 limau fresh gitew.

Aloe lips. Jangan pandang sebelah mata tau ualls. Kecil-kecil cili api tu.

Bukan aje di sapu dibibir aje. Kalau terkena gigitan nyamuk, sapu kan aje.

Kalau terkena minyak panas, air panas. Terus je sapu. Sangat2 sesuai kalau yang ada anak kecik tu.

Ruam pipi ke, kena gigit nyamuk. Capai si kecil molek ni. Terus sapu. Siap..

Ha.. nak dapatkan set bajet ni.

Wasap fa ya….